Vintage Quilts and Memories: March 5

There’s so much beauty in vintage quilts, quilts that are made of reproduction fabrics, and quilts or wall-hangings that honor memories. We love them all. We also love the accessories that go with a vintage quilt or that just look to honor the old traditions of needlecraft. Here are a few we’ve selected to feature this morning. One is from a great-grandmother, one done with research & hand quilting for a Civil War re-enactor, one done with memories of a beloved father, and a beautiful quilted and embroidered pillow sham. We hope you enjoy them.

from: Kathy Mick Disbro: “This is a full size bed quilt that my Great Grandmother made. I believe that she made it before she was married for her “Hope Chest.” Probably around 1910. Flower Garden Pattern.”

from: Wendy Bair Christianson: “From Wendy Christianson: my husband is a historical re-enactor. I made this ‘solider’s quilt’ from a pattern I found in researching fabrics/patterns from the time of the Civil War-specifically a quilt that could have existed in 1870. The hand-quilting makes this the most hours I’ve ever spent on one quilt – and it was worth it!”

from: Sandra Griffin Earle: “A wall hanging I made from my Daddy’s ties.”

We love Sandra’s work and the way she has stitched together the ties. The words on the center tie say it all, “Footprints. When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

from Dianne Kirby: “Just finished this Pillow Sham for my Mum. All hand Embroidered. 1 more to go.”

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