When the Blue Shimmers

We’ve noticed that a number of the quilts that have recently been shared with us have blues in them that seem to shimmer. They seem to form a magical counterpoint to the other colors, looking almost like gemstones in motion.

Here are three, all very different. Our thanks go to Erika, Carol and Teri for sharing them with us.

from: Erika Johnson Willmore: “If you missed the Sisters, Oregon, quilt show this year, it was spectacular. If you can get there next year, please do. You will be amazed.”

This beauty was at the Sisters Quilt Show. Erika wanted us all to know she didn’t make it herself. We do applaud the creator! It is a very, very beautiful work. It looks like Jinny Beyer’s “Hollow Cube”.

from: Carol Johnson Horne: “A photo from Carol”

from: Teri Gamboa: “This is Stage 1 of the quilt that I’m working on. It’s made out of crushed velour and silk. The pattern is for a 90″x90″ max quilt. I may make the outermost border wider so that I can have a king size quilt. I plan on using med-high loft batting and a 1000-count Egyptian Cotton flat sheet for the backing. Will finish it off tying it with black satin 1/8″ satin ribbon.”

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