Use Up Your Smaller Pieces Of Scrap Fabric To Make This Wonky House Snap Bag!

It seems like after most of the projects we do, we find ourselves with several smaller pieces of scrap fabric. While there are plenty of great projects that use up these scraps, sometimes the leftover pieces are so small that it is hard to find a use for them, but if you know us, then you know we do not like for any fabric to go to waste!

That is exactly why we love this project: a Wonky House Snap Bag!

Using those smaller pieces of scrap fabric, you can make something that is so cute while also being functional (and you get the added bonus of not wasting any of your precious fabric!).

Follow along with the video tutorial below from GourmetQuilter, and try it out for yourself!

What other projects have you used those super tiny pieces of scrap fabric? Let us know in the comments below!


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