Crochet Lunch Bag

lunch bag 1
Isn’t this crochet lunch bag just too cute? It’s the perfect back to school project, or for anyone who brings a lunch to the office. This is also a great thing to have around if you’re planning a picnic or a day at the beach.

The key to getting this nice structure is in using 100% cotton yarn. Acrylic or wool blends will not be as sturdy. Plus, with cotton, you can throw the entire bag into the wash if you spill anything on it.

lunch bag 3
This cute lunch bag might look like an advanced project, but really the opposite is true! It is made primarily of single crochets. That’s right, if you can single crochet, you can totally make this bag! The bag is made in 3 parts – two rectangle panels that make up the front and back, and then one long strip that makes up the sides and bottom of the bag.

Watch the video below to get the step by step instructions from Mikey at The Crochet Crowd. I love these tutorials because Mikey is so knowledgeable and informative! Go ahead and crochet along with the video. As always, happy crocheting, friends!


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