This Gorgeous Quilt Was Inspired By An Airplane Ride!

Are you looking for your next quilting project? We’ve got just the thing for you! Rob Appell from Man Sewing is back with another awesome tutorial. As with all of Rob’s tutorials, you know you’re going to learn a lot and get some super helpful tips and tricks to make the whole process a lot easier!

Isn’t the quilt pictured above just gorgeous? Rob got inspired when he was on a flight and looked down at the fields below. Doesn’t it look exactly like an aerial view of farmland? Keep reading to see how to make this lovely quilt!

First things first: this quilt is made so much easier by using fat quarters. If you’ve never used fat quarters before, you’re missing out! Fat quarters are just pre-cut fabrics, like jelly rolls, only instead of strips, the fabric is cut in a 22 x 28 inch rectangle.

So go ahead and grab your favorite pre-cut pack in various shades of green (or go crazy with whatever colors you want, this is your quilt after all), and watch the video below to see how to piece everything together! Happy quilting, friends!


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