Two Ways To Repair Holes In T-Shirts!

Isn’t it the worst when you get a small hole in one of your favorite shirts? You don’t want to throw it away because it’s not a huge tear, but it’s noticeable enough that you don’t really want to wear it out in public! Well, we’ve got a way for you to fix that hole right up. In fact, we have not one, but two methods for fixing that shirt up in no time!

No-sew Method

This is by far the easiest method for fixing up your shirt. You’ll need a small cut of lightweight fusible bonding, and then a slightly bigger piece of of sew-in stabilizer.

Turn the shirt inside out and layer on the fusible bonding and then the stabilizer. Heat up the iron and press on the area for ten seconds or so. While the fabric and bonding are still warm, turn the shirt right-side out and play with the fabric around the hole, pinching and closing it up.

As you can see, this is a very effective way to make those tiny holes disappear! The downside is that it’s not as durable as sewing the hole would be, and also you have the weight of the fusible bonding and stabilizer on the inside of the shirt, which also might irritate your skin.

Sew Method

This next method is much more durable, but is a little more noticable. While you might be aware of the repair, others won’t notice it, especially from a distance.

Grab some thread, and tie a knot at one end. This tutorial shows a contrasting color, but you’ll want to grab a matching thread, of course. Simply pick up a few stitches from one side of the hole and pull slightly to close up the distance. Hook a few stitches from the other side of the hole, and pull on the thread again. Continue switching sides, closing up the hole stitch by stitch, and then tie off with a knot.

You can make the repair less noticeable by massaging the area gently with your fingers, careful not to pull at the stitches too hard.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on each method!


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